Neptune Seashell

Neptune Seashell, Belleek, Ireland

This Neptune Seashell design is a Belleek classic that was brought back into production in 2001 with the Belleek in Retrospect 2001 marking. The delicate soft pink scooped shell teacup measures 3½ inches in diameter. The feet are two tiny conch shells trimmed in gold while the handle is a sculptured piece of coral. The matching saucer is 5½ inches in diameter with a ribbed pattern. Both the rim of the teacup and saucer are trimmed in gold.

Neptune Seashell

This beautiful teacup was featured on Roti n Rice where it was used to serve lavender tea. Please check out the post by clicking on the link or picture below.

Let’s put the kettle on, it is time for tea! 😎


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