Dorothea Red

Seltmann Weiden, Bavaria, Germany

I am so excited to share this teacup and saucer with you. They arrived in the mail two days ago as a surprise gift from hubby. He saw them on eBay and made the purchase because the pattern matches the Dorothea China Blue teacup and saucer he brought home from Germany for me. There are not many with this red pattern around and for some reason it is not even listed on the Seltmann Weiden website. One source considered the pattern to be unknown and so I have taken the liberty here of naming it Dorothea Red.

The diameters of the cup and saucer are half an inch smaller than their blue counterparts. The teacup has a slightly scalloped foot giving it a very dainty look. The original owner purchased the cup and saucer in Germany 30 years ago and have kept them in excellent condition. I am beyond thrill that my blue beauty has found a perfect “match”. 🙂

Dorothea Red

Let’s put the kettle on, it is time for tea! 😎


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