1000 Day Flower Tea

1000 Day Flower Tea, Fujian Province, China

The Tea Table was a pretty tea store I used to frequent when I was still living in Colorado. It was a charming and cozy place any tea lover would enjoy visiting. A few of my teapots and tea accessories came from there. I was a little sad when they decided to close their shop front. The good news though is that they continue to operate via the internet. Up to this day I still get their updates and newsletters despite having left Colorado for several years now. This 1000 Day Flower Tea was one I spotted and purchased on their website. I believe they no longer carry this tea but you can purchase it here.

1000 Day Flower Tea

This beautiful tea ball consists of tender tea leaves hand tied with an amaranth blossom into the shape of a peach. When brewed, the leaves unfurl to reveal the beautiful blossom. It is a smooth and gentle green tea with a pale golden infusion and light floral notes. It is great as an afternoon or evening tea. The tea ball should be steeped in near boiling water (200°F to 212°F) for a full 5 minutes until it unfurls. A second and third infusion may be steeped for 2 to 3 minutes.

1000 Day Flower Tea

There is a cute fairy tale surrounding the creation of this flowering tea. It is said that the Empress of Heaven ordered the King of Monkeys to guard her precious peach orchard while she prepared for her 60th birthday. Instead of keeping a close watch on those precious peaches, the Monkey King plucked and ate the ripest fruits leaving only the small unripened ones for the party.The furious empress had the monkey stripped of his title and locked away in a cave. Fortunately, he was saved by a monk who taught him to tie fresh green tea leaves with an amaranth blossom into the shape of a peach to appease the empress. So impressed was the empress with the 1,000 tea balls presented to her that she reinstated the position of the monkey as king. Thenceforth, this tea was served on her birthdays instead of peaches as a new symbol of longevity. 🙂

Let’s put the kettle on, it is time for tea! 😎


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